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Solid fiber’s cross section is round or triangle, and it has over 50 years’ history, the technology has matured. The raw material is mainly POP corn, PET sheet flakes, PET flakes, PET lumps etc.


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Our Solid PSF is good at bonding with low melting fiber to produce wadding, padding, and needle punch nonwoven fabric, and it can be used for carpet yarns too.

Some items are GRS and OEKO Tex available

Denier:          1.5D-30D

Type:             Solid(round, triangle)

Grade:           Recycle, seimi virgin, Virgin

Color:       white, optical white, super white, color, black

​Cut Length:  32mm-102mm

Finish:           slick, low shrinkage, dry, FR

Application:  Filling, wadding, padding, mat, needle punch, carpet yarns, felt etc.

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