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SPRE@HOLLOW FIBER with mechanical crimp

Hollow PSF has better loft, recovery and warmth retention property than solid PSF, because there is a hole in single fiber, it can save some air. Our SPRE hollow PSF is easy to be carded and good at bonding with low melting fiber. It’s mainly used for fiberfill, filtration, padding, wadding, insulation etc.


Recycle and virgin are available.


See full specification

Denier:          6D-15D

Type:             Hollow Mechanical crimp

Grade:           Recycle, seimi virgin

Color:       white, optical white, super white

​Cut Length:  32mm-76mm

Finish:           silicon, slick, dry, FR, antibacterial, low shrinkage

Application:  Filling, Wadding, fiberfill, insulation, filtration etc.

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