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Hollow conjugate fiber does not only have a hole in fiber, but twist crimp, it can provide the best elasticity among all kinds of PSF. Our SPRE Hollow conjugate PSF is easy to be carded and bring better resilience to final products. It can be widely used in hometextile, furniture etc.


Free optical brighter is available.


We have three grades for you, one is recycled hollow conjugate PSF from 100% PET flakes, one is semi virgin hollow conjugate PSF from mixture of PET flakes and PET chips, and another one is 100% virgin from PTA and MEG directly.


OEKO-TEX, GRS certificate is also available.


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Denier:          3D-25D

Type:             Hollow conjugate

Grade:           Recycle, seimi virgin, Virgin

Color:       white, optical white, super white

​Cut Length:  32mm-76mm

Finish:           silicon, slick, dry, FR, antibacterial

Application:  Filling, Wadding, Padding, ball fiber, insulation, fiberfill etc.

SPRE_Virgin PSF.jpg
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