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Brief Introduction

SPRE is a leading supplier and contract base manufacturer of polyester staple fiber, recycle PET chips and PET flakes across the globe.


From 2004, we start to enter PSF industry, and now we have a professional team to service our customers around the world.


Our business is simple, and you told us what you need exactly, and we will collect raw materials globally, and arrange production in our facility or our contract base facilities, no matter where you find us and which quality you need.


We have our forwarder, and it’s convenient to arrange the sea transportation from every facility to your plants or warehouse.


SPRE means sincere, passion, reputation, enthusiasm


Our products cover PET flakes, Recycle PET chips, POP corn, solid PSF, hollow PSF, hollow conjugate PSF, color PSF, black PSF, process can be silicon, slick, dry, antibacterial, flame retardant, free optical brighter, low shrinkage etc.

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