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SPRE@ Recycle PSF

We are proud that we can supply recycle fiber, it’s from PET bottles flakes, or PET sheet flakes. By recycling PET material instead of landfilling, we provide a sustainable fiber production to save our earth.


We use two kinds of PET recycle material, one is post industrial waste which come out in manufacturing of PET product, film sheet, lumps waste, preforms waste, fiber waste, PET non-woven fabric waste, polyester garment cloth waste etc. good lumps scrap, clean preforms scraps, clean PET film sheet flakes can be used in fiber production directly; fiber waste, PET nonwoven fabric waste, and polyester cloth waste will be processed into POP corn. Another is post consume waste, most of post consume waste is PET bottles waste, and some PET strap waste, after shredded into flakes/scraps, washed and dry, it is good for fiber. From 2017, there are more and more recycle PET chips manufacturers around world due to Chinese ban on the importation of PET waste.


most of challenges to recycling PET material is to make them always unique, we aren’t afraid of low quality of PET material, but the fluctuation of PET waste quality. How to control and sustainability of PET waste is the biggest problem. By over 10 years’ experience, and collecting network’s build, now we have a stable raw material supply.


Standing by our reliable supply of PET waste, selective of plant partner, we can supply several kinds of polyester staple fiber, 0.9D different customers has different requirement on fiber quality. Just to let us know which quality you need, we must have one solution for you.


Remarks: Oetotex, GRS certificate is also available.

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