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SPRE@ Microfiber

Microfiber is a polyester staple fiber finer than 1.5 denier within silicon finish. It can be solid or hollow. The hand feeling is the softest among all kinds of PSF, and it looks like feather down, so we also call it down fiber too. It’s mainly used for filling in clothes, duvet, comforters, pillow, quilt etc.


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Our basic polyester staple fiber, recycle, semi virgin and virgin are available, Solid or hollow, and mechanical crimp. GRS is available for recycle and free Antimony.

Denier:          0.8D-1.5D

Type:             Solid, Hollow

Grade:           Recycle, seimi virgin, Virgin

Color:       white, optical white, super white

​Cut Length:  8mm-51mm

Finish:           silicon, slick

Application:  Filling, Wadding

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