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SPRE@SOLID BLACK FIBER in nonwoven fabric

By experienced technique, and selective raw material, our SPRE black PSF’s defect rate can be lower than 50mg/KG, this is our knock-out product, flame retardant, low shrinkage and dry finish are available, it’s used for automotive main floor carpet, car trunk carpet, car foot mat, synthetic leather, interlining, felt, filtration etc.

Only if you use black PSF for nonwoven fabric, we must have one for you.

Some items are GRS and OEKO Tex available

Denier:          2.5D-15D

Type:             Solid, Hollow

Grade:           Recycle, virgin

Color:            Black, super black

​Cut Length:  32mm-102mm

Finish:           FR, dry, slick, antibacterial

Application:  Car carpet, synthetic leather, interlining, felt etc.

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