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SPRE® provide the most professional service in customer’s need.
We are specialized in producing what the customer need, the highest quality polyester staple fiber from PET flakes and PET chips. Through several years’ developing, now we have been an united group, SPRE TEXTILE CO.,LTD., HANGZHOU HANBANG CHEMICAL FIBER CO.,LTD. and FUYANG SHOURUI IMPORT&EXPORT CO.,LTD. The product mainly covers all kinds of hollow conjugate silicon or nonsilicon PSF, anti-bacterial PSF, flame-resistant PSF, black polyester staple fiber, solution-dyed color PSF, PP nonwoven fabric, pillow case, cushion case. These products are used in pillow, quilt, sofa, toy, cushion, automotive, industrial and other applications.

Hollow conjugated silicon or non-silicon PSF:
2.8D to 20D Common fiber
Flame-retardant fiber
Anti-bacterial fiber
Solid Fiber will all colors:
1.4D-15D common fiber
3D low shrinkage fiber
PP nonwoven fabric:
pillow case
cushion case


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